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check out this 6-4-3 first base putout that held the runner at third.

1995 ALDS Game 2:SEA @ NYY


1995 ALDS Game 1:SEA @ NYY

remember when Jimmy Spencer drove 2 laps under caution with sheet metal sticking out of his car to avoid losing laps?

he finished 20th, 3 laps ahead of Derrike Cope's Chevy, so in the end this didn't even affect his position at all, lol.

and then later in that same race, Davey Allison ran over a tire getting out of pit road, sending it on a journey that ended up with it flying about 15 feet in the air.

(1-5) 1990 First Union 400

"we just have to see what the car's gonna do" -The Intimidator

1990 Pontiac Excitement 400

there will never be anyone as cool as #3.

(1, 2) 1990 Motorcraft Quality Parts 500
(3) 1990 TranSouth 500

"this is a team, and if we are something, we all are something." -Jose Altuve

2020 Jose Altuve clubhouse interview

"what's done is done. the 40 grand's gone, the points are gone... there's nothing we can do about any of it, we have to face it straight on, and move forward." -Mark Martin

1990 Pontiac Excitement 400

"just a quarter of a lap away from victory... not much you can do about it." -Dale Earnhardt Sr.

1990 Daytona 500

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